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Thinking Lab

Master your debate skills in any format

Learn. Think. Speak. 
Do not raise your voice, improve your argument!


We are offering courses and individual coaching in any competitive debate format from WSC, BP and POLICY to MUN, IPPF and EYP. We are also offering Public Speaking sessions and trainings as well as content based trainings. 

We create and adapt the program and teaching plan to your needs, desires and goals. Schedule is fully flexible: timings, length and frequency of the sessions are adapted to your availability. All sessions happen online with your coach. 

All our coaches have several experiences with coaching national debate teams and leading international debate academies all around the globe (USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East). All the coaches you will work with have led their teams to championship titles on national and international level. 

Corses cover trainings in all debate and oracy skills (including strategic thinking, argumentation, case building, speech structure...) as well as topical areas useful for debate competition (international relations, economy, environment, philosophy, politics, social movements, law and punishment...). You can work with coaches to improve your skills or to prepare for a specific competition. 

We work with students of different age (from 10 to university level) and of different debate experiences (from full beginners with no experiences to skilled debaters with strong competitive and debate training background)

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You can book a free meeting to discuss with coaches and set a plan. 

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