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Miha Andrič

In the last 15 years Coach Andrič has trained professionals from corporate world, students and teachers in more than 50 countries all around the world from USA and Europe to Asia, Middle East and Africa. 

In the past he was leading many international organisations and international debate academies. At the moment he is focused on trainings and lectures for teachers development and in corporate world. 

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About Coach Andric

Mr. Andric is currently the  Head of Programme and Director at the Educational Centre Argument (Europe) and is also serving as the Advisory Board Member of IPPF (International Public Policy Forum, NYC) and the Executive board member at the International Philosophy Olympiad. In the past he served as the Member of Board of Directors at IDEA (International Debate Education Association), Director of Institute for Labour studies (2014 - 2016), Director of National Debate Organisation ZIP (2019 - 2021) and as the President of the Society for the development of Humanities. Between 2010 and 2020 he was Head Coach of International Speech & Debate Program Bežigrad, which was - under his leadership - the most successful competitive school debate program in the world (2015-2018). He is also a national curator at the European community of Ethics teachers. 

As a guest lecturer or invited trainer, Mr. Andric is organizing events or is training teachers, students and professional from business world at universities, secondary schools and independent institutes all around the world from USA, Canada, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Israel, Palestine, Turkey to Russia, China, Singapore, Tunisia as well as in majority of European countries such as UK, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and many others. He has been serving as Program director of several international debate academies (YAV Africa, DSA Russia, ESU Turkey, World Schools Debate Academy and IDAS Slovenia, lecturing at GDS and Green Comet in USA....) and has been national WSDC debate team head coach between 2013 and 2022 for different nations (Slovenia, Turkey, Finland). Mr. Andric has been Chief Adjudicator or Expert coordinator of more than 50 international debate competitions all around the world in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East (including WWSDC Canada, EurOpen Germany, PSD, NSDC, NSDA...) and he also serves as the Expert Advisor for development of many globally successful speech, debate and communication programs.

In the past he also held extra curricular seminars at the University of Ljubljana on the topics of political philosophy. In 2020 and 2021 Mr. Andric was the convenor of International Philosophy Olympiad, now he is working on setting up new trans-disciplinary educational programs focused on including argumentation, philosophy and debate in high school education. Miha Andric is also specialized for online coaching and training programs. In 2020 he organized first WSDC international debate online competition in the world, he transferred International Philosophy Olympiad (60 countries participating) into the online environment in 2020. Among his recent publications there are two books on debate: "Debate / Philosophy – How to start debating in the philosophy classroom" (co-author) and "L'analisi della mozione. Capire i problemi per sviluppare gli argomenti" (co- author) as well as a manual for teachers on authority in classroom ("Strategije in tehnike za obvladovanje neprimernega vedenja v razredu). 

Coach Andric is also offering trainings in communication and negotiation in corporate world and serves as the consultant for public campaigns. At the moment he is also offering philosophy consulting sessions and online mentorships programs for youth in debate, communication, critical thinking and debate. 


Final panel at the International Public Policy Forum in New York (2022 and 2023): Discussion with John Sexton (professor emeritus NYU University), Ragh Sundaram (dean of Stern School of Business, NYC), Will Baker (New York University) and Marshal Donat (Former Vice president at Marriot international). 

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Keynote lectures "Critical Thinking & Persuasion strategies" and "Strategies in World Schools Debate" in Texas (2022 and 2023): Bluebonnet event at Grand Oaks School, Texas, USA


Pilot implementation of innovative approaches in teaching literature, sociology, philosophy and foreign languages in Slovenian secondary schools (2021 - 2023): Gimnazija Kranj, Gimnazija Kamnik, Gimnazija Bežigrad, Gimnazija Ptuj, Gimnazija Celje Center

Gala graduation lecture "Rethinking the future: ideology, freedom and critical thought" (2021): WSB University, Poland

Lecture "Persuasive communication" and Training "Negotiation skills in business" (2022): Conference for professional development of business secretaries in Slovenia

Module "Communication and Argumentation" (2021 - 2023): Part of the Interdisciplinary thematic Subject (ITS) at Gimnazija Kamnik, Slovenija

Keynote lecture and expert training "Mind tricks: Principles that shape our thinking and behaviour" (2022): International conference "Wings of Knowledge" (Poland) 

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Keynote lecture on "Fairness in Economic competition" for students and teachers from 50 countries (2023): International Philosophy Olympiad, IPO (Greece)


Moderated discussion with Michael Sandel and Noam Chomsky on Fairness and Justice (2022): International Philosophy Olympiad, IPO, online

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Keynote speech on "Debate and Public Speaking" (2023): Ecnais Conference of Private Schools (Turkey)

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Keynote speech on "Optimal life and work integrity": WSB University conference, Polan (2023) 

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Professional development seminar for teachers: "How to use critical thinking in teaching and teach public speaking", Italy (2022): IRSE national training for teachers in Italy 


You can contact the coach directly 

+386 41 624 038

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